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You wouldn't refer patients to an "unlicensed doctor", or to a surgeon that is not board certified or eligible; so don't use an "unlicensed broker" or "transition consultant", including possibly your own CPA! (Many states don't allow CPAs to render services regarding transfer of practice ownership or equity without an attorney or broker license, and your CPA might not even know it!)

Click here for a letter from the California state attorney that explains it well.
Click here for the Florida law prohibiting unlicensed appraisal, consulting or brokerage

A "medical practice broker" is a licensed business-opportunities broker specializing in the sale of phyisician private practices. A medical practice broker typically assists physicians in determining an asking price, preparing promotional materials, advertising & marketing the practice nationwide, screening respondants, and assisting with the sale and escrow of the practice.

We find that the "boilerplate" legal documents (listing, offer and sale) that States limit practice brokers to using are inadequate to the complicated medical board, federal, Medicare, Stark etc laws governing medical practice sales, so PMM always has each party to the transaction represented by independant medical-transaction-specialist attorneys. PMM believes that this provides the best protection for both the buyer and seller.

PMM's medical practice broker –Keith Borglum CHBC CBB– has been a licensed (#00767129) medical practice broker and appraiser since 1983; is on the faculty or consultant panels for multiple national and state medical associations for many years; is a nationally-published author (just Google his name); Editorial Consultant to Medical Economics Magazine. He is a Certified Healthcare Business Consultant (CHBC), a Certified Business Broker (less than 15% of all business brokers achieve certification) and Qualified Appraiser to the IRS and SBA standards.
Click here for more of Keith Borglum's Credentials

A proper appraisal or valuation is a cornerstone to a successful practice sale. Our appraisal reports have been commended by doctors, lawyers, judges, banks, insurance companies, attorneys, and others as being "very readable and understandable".
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Reports are written to comply with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice approved by Congress, and required by law in different states, courts and agencies. If you can't understand the appraisal you paid for, its a violation of USPAP Standard 10!

Keith was also for many years Editor of the Business Valuation section of the ODP database used for content by Google and AOL English-language countries, helping to maintain quality results for those search engines . The "insider information" learned there is key in helping him market his clients' practices for sale on the Internet, as over 80% of all buyers now come from Internet searches according to the Business Brokerage Press. (Keith is a Medical Practice Expert to BBP's annual Business Reference Guide report used by business brokers nationwide in pricing businesses for sale)

Common types of engagements include:

Practice Sale Support, assisting a seller with setting terms of sale, promoting the practice for sale, negotiating a sale with a purchaser, and guiding both parties through the myriad and complex issues involved.

Practice Appraisal for Sale, Merger, or Buy-In Purposes; identifying a monetary value for a practice being sold from one physician to another, merger, or associate buy-in.

Confidential Intermediary Services, wherein we assist a seller or buyer as a Transaction Broker, keeping confidential the identity and location of the client until the other party has been pre-qualified and signed a Confidentiality, Non-Competition and Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Merger Appraisal for Equity Balancing, wherein multiple physicians are merging their practices, or when one practice or group is acquiring another practice by merger rather than purchase.

Practice Appraisal for Buy-in or Pay-out, identifying a monetary value for an associate buying into a practice, or an existing owner exiting a practice, or both.

Second-Opinion Appraisals, wherein we review the work of another appraiser and render an opinion there-upon.

Appraisals and Testimony for Marital Dissolution; rending an opinion of value within the specific guidelines of the courts of the state.

Expert Witness, Consulting and Support; to attorneys representing physicians in business valuation and business ethics disputes.

Group Formation One-Day Consults; lead you in just one (long) day through the majority of issues and decisions needed to merge or form a group practice, ending with a structure that clearly defines how the group will look and feel, what it will cost, how to value contributions, with a defined implementation plan and calendar.

Seminars and Workshops; are often requested by medical societies, IPAs, residencies, or hospitals for their member physicians on particular topics. Options in Practice, Improving Profitability in Your Practice, and Valuing Your Practice for Sale or Buy-In are current popular topics. Seminars can be customized to almost any degree. (Sorry: no "a la carte" attendance for individuals is available. Seminars must be sponsored by an organization that invites you, such as AAFP, CAFP, ACP/ASIM, AAD, AAAAI, ACS, AAO, etc.)



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