Client Comments

The following have all provided references for PMM, and/or referred their members to us.
American Medical Association, (on panel of ConsultingLink for many years, also sold our books)
American Academy of Family Physicians, (on faculty and consulting group for many years, refers members)
American College of Physicians, (their West Coast consultant for many years)
American Academy of Ophthalmology, (on AAOE consultant panel to members, writes for their journals and speaks at conferences, refers members)
American Academy of Dermatology, (on business course faculty for many years, authors articles in their journal, refers members)
American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology ,(on practice management faculty many years, refers members)
American Osteopathic Association, (prior faculty)
Institute of Business Appraisers,
Urgent Care Association Of America,(refers members)
California Association of Business Brokers,
International Business Brokers' Association (Keith Borglum was an interviewee for their national radio show)
Bank of America Healthcare Solutions (refers clients to us)
Wells Fargo Bank Practice Finance (refers clients to us, and sponser of faculty presentation on practice value at national bankers' conference )
California Academy of Family Physicians (repeatedly been faculty and contributor to publications, and two term Trustee of the Foundation)
National Society of Certified Healthcare Business Consultants (Keith Borglum was a Director of a founding group and is repeatedly on faculty)

Any consultant can provide one or two clients to talk to as references, but we suggest that speaking with one or two is less valuable and relevant than quantitative comments and quality credentials.

The following clients have been kind enought to provide a public reference comment for PMM.
Please do not further disturb them.
Thank you.

"I found myself in a somewhat desperate situation to sell my father’s allergy practice when he became terminally ill. Keith Borglum not only drafted a comprehensive valuation of the practice, but also provided invaluable information and advice about the processes involved. He made a seemingly overwhelming situation logical and do-able. And, he was incredibly supportive and kind along the way. I’m very indebted to him and would recommend him without reservation."

Tahlia Spector MD

"The owners of our practice I was buying-into commented several times at how thorough and well-composed the appraisal was."

Michael Park M.D.

"After studying your appraisal, I don't have any questions. I found your narratives to be very informative, and came away feeling like I had just been through a crash course in applied economics. Thank you again for the quick turnaround!"

Executor for the Estate of GW MD

"We’ve read your appraisal report and concur with your methodology and determined value. I’m using your appraisal report in the IRS estate tax return preparation"


"WOW! Your appraisal report was amazing. It was a pleasure to read. I ended up buying the practice for very near the value you quoted. The seller ended up getting anther appraiser's opinion and they commented that your work was excellent and proposed a value very close to the one you suggested. I also used the appraisal to help secure a loan from the bank. They too were impressed with the quality and conclusions, and I was approved quickly. So now I am the happy new owner of my own practice. Things are going well."

Patrick O'Neal M.D.

"Keith has been an incredible resource for us here at the bank."

Stephen Curtis, former Bank of America Western Medical Division Regional Manager

"There are only a few transition specialists of Keith’s caliber in the US, so he’ll be a fantastic resource for you."

Anderw Ventura, Senior Business Development Manager, Wells Fargo Practice Finance

"I recently sold my Family Practice. My consultant was Keith Borglum. My experience was excellent in every way. First, I found a medical practice broker here in Texas; with fancy offices, a big team, and a very fancy price. Then my prospective-buyer found Keith; and it’s one of the things I liked about her: she shopped until she found excellent quality at an excellent price. We both knew of Keith from the many articles he’d written in the AAFP Family Practice Management journal, and we talked to him by phone. He convinced us that he could do a good job without seeing the practice, to keep our costs down without a visit, and would walk us through the myriad details that needed to be addressed. If we still had questions at the end, we could take the data we had collected with his help and present it for review to the high-priced firm, paying them only to render an opinion on work he’d already done. We ended up just accepting Keith’s valuation, because he asked us for so much detail that we both knew, by the end, we’d discussed and agreed on everything.

With the wisdom of Solomon, never taking sides, Keith would always find a solution that we could agree on. He charged by the hour, and he charged far less than the big brokerage firm, or either of our lawyers.

Keith was always prompt, professional, calm, kind and gentle. He clearly knew his job and had done it many times before. His manner inspired confidence. Every case is different, and your mileage may vary, as they say, but you may absolutely rely on what this man says. I recommend him HIGHLY."

Steve Watson, MD, Texas (retired)

"Keith Borglum from PMM was a tremendous help in facilitating the sale of my pediatric occupational therapy private practice in 2017.  Keith communicated the details of how the process works from my initial contact with him on the phone, and he continued to care about how things were progressing with the sale of my practice by regularly checking in with me via email. I am thrilled with the outcome, selling my practice in just under 4 months.   I have already recommended him to many of my professional colleagues."

Jenny Clark OT, (retired)

"As an attorney, I retained Keith Borglum as my practice valuation expert in a partnership dispute between two allergists. In contrast to Keith -who performs practice valuations and acts as a broker on a full-time basis- the other side's expert was a local CPA whom had valued less than a dozen medical practices over the course of 20 years. By the time Keith finished his direct testimony, there was no question in anyone's mind which witness was the real expert. Not only did Keith do an excellent job helping me present his opinions on direct examination, his criticism of the opposing expert's valuation was presented in a straightforward manner that was devastatingly effective. On cross-examination, I felt Keith handled himself very well. He conceded what needed to be conceded in order to maintain his credibility, but otherwise defended his opinions in a respectful but authoritative manner - and without being overly argumentative. I would recommend Keith as an expert without hesitation in any case in which the value of a medical practice is in question."

Kurt F. Vote
Chair, Litigation Practice Group
McCormick, Barstow

"My experience with Professional Management and Marketing and specifically with Keith Borglum was eye opening. The report that I got about the appraisal for a buy-in allowed me to make a very confident and informed decision. The aspect that I was most pleased about was the fact that he not only produced the report, but also gave me his honest and personal appreciation of the business I was about to join. I am positive that this consultation has been some of the best money spent in my professional career".

Juan Carlos Rodriguez, M.D.

"I consulted with Keith Borglum for a forensic appraisal of my chiropractic practice as a key aspect of a divorce settlement. His assessment was extremely thorough, well researched, and documented. His conclusions and final valuation were clear and well supported, and so-sound that both my -and the opposing- counsel accepted his valuation without further conflict, and enabled the negotiation process to move forward. I was very pleased with his expertise and professionalism and have the highest regard for his services".

Dr S, D.C.

"Keith has helped me on two different occasions. His insight and advice allowed me to make a more confident decision. He was easy to talk to, and I believe I made a better business decision because of his advice. Thank you!"

Mindy Levin DC

"I have been VERY satisfied with his work; repeatedly, in litigation in high-profile cases. He has been responsive, and keeps his time commitments. His reports and analysis are clear and supported with thorough research." I recommend him to other attorneys.

Lionel Levin, attorney
Levin, Margolin & Itzkowitz, Beverly Hills CA

"Absolutely use me for a reference."

David L. Blacker, divorce attorney on a chiropractic case

"Your input has been most valuable and appreciated. We are centainly glad we retained you when this started."

Jeffrey Berger, business attorney on physician partnership dissolution

"Last night at 10:30 PM our case settled, in a place that was comfortable for our client. Your valuation was invaluable to helping us posture our case to get to this place. Thanks again!"

Ryan F. Callahan, Esq. Montrose Lawyers, Colorado

"I received a call from Dr. H this evening.  He had the most wonderful things to say about you and your services.  I completely agree, of course!".

Amanda Waesch JD attorney, OH & FL
Brennan, Manna & Diamond

"Thanks so much for your help in the court proceedings last month! Judge B stated later that she found your testimony very useful and helpful."


"The judge accepted your appraisal & testimony at trial as-is. We won, thanks!"

G.D. atty for D.B DPM

""Thank you for a job well done. Very impressive.""

Larry Rubin DPM, South Bay Podiatry Group

"Very, very, impressive and well-done report, thank you for your work."

Bruce Levin DPM , A-Z Footcare

"Wow. Very helpful and informative! Thank you so much for this information as well as the valuation. I really appreciate all of your help and efforts"


"Thanks Keith for your awesome input for the GI practice we are considering buying!"


"Thanks for all of your help in everything through the years. We are now practice owners, and are working on buying another practice too."

Matthew Elias DO and Merrick Elias DO, Elias Dermatology

"Keith has a wildly good handle on these things."

Chris Zaenger CHBC, Consultant, Z Management Group, Ltd., Past-President of the National Society of Certified Healthcare Business Consultants

"I really appreciated your help selling my practice. Since its a small town -and my moving is big news here- I've had lots of colleagues asking me 'how did you do it?'. So I've given out your name and number, since apparently I'm not the only one thinking about selling a practice."


"Thanks for your followup. No other broker thus far has done any kind of followup like you, and I really appreciate your efforts and the options presented."


"I have gotten to know Keith Borglum of Medical Practice Appraisal over the past several years. He appraised my plastic surgery practice initially, and his appraisal was confirmed by several other appraisers who represented parties interested in my practice. He has shown skill, experience, and knowledge in evaluation of the marketplace, which in turn gave me the best chance to find a qualified buyer for my practice. I have sold my practice to a very well qualified doctor who I am sure will enjoy a prosperous career. I recommend Keith without reservation. He is THE expert in the industry."

Stephen B Anderson, MD, FACS , Washington

"Thank you so much for your prompt, professional, intelligent response, and for all of your help in this matter. I have passed your name on to a few residents."

Thomas R. Elmer, Jr MD

"The first two weeks (after sale) have gone quite well. None of this would have happened without his interception and guidance."


"Thanks for the reply to my question of last week about appraisals....very interesting response.  Very helpful.."


"Thanks very much for your very detailed and informative report."


"I understand and appreciate your scholarly approach and the research you have done to support your opinion."


"Thank you for your very thorough and organized report. I appreciate all the thought that went into it."

Anne Sacks-Berg M.D.

"PMM provided a comprehensive analysis and valuation of the practice we acquired. They always acted professionally, enthusiastically, and were attentive to my specific needs. They are true experts in their field".

Eitan Homa MD

"Your appraisal was spot-on with all of my concerns and it could not have gone better for me than to have your professional advice."

David Woods, MD

"I -and the owner of the medical complex- have had the pleasure of working with Keith on several projects. Keith's extensive knowledge of his area of expertise -and his ability to communicate his recommendations to his clients in a manner that is easily understood- is remarkable. He is a true professional and I would recommend him to any practice seeking his professional assistance."

Ralph Roberts MBA, CFO, Administrator & Consultant

"I'd like to take a moment to thank you for all your support, time and energy invested with me. It is not as easy to come across someone that has such understanding of such unique market as well as you do . I feel it was wonderful to have had the opportunity to build a friendly & transparent relationship filled with straight-forwardness and trust . It is quite admirable nowadays to come across such characters."

Dani Mouawad, MD

"Our practice found it necessary to call PMM to perform an appraisal of our office. Mr. Borglum was courtesous and very willing to answer any questions we had while doing his initial assessment, while explaining what was needed to perform an accurate appraisal. In addition, he made every effort not to intrude on our ongoing schedule for the day. After he was done inspecting our office, we found him to be very patient, as he waited several weeks for us to return additional information he requested in order to complete the appraisal. We are very satisfied with Mr. Borglum's services and the service or PMM, and would be very willing to use their services again."

Linda Harold, Manager for Drs. Conception and Lim

"My associate and I are both happy, and that is probably what counts! Your evaluation helped us both to reach this end, and I am thankful to you for it."

Ralph Kamell MD

"We recently used medical practice appraiser Keith Borglum for a valuation for our practice and found him to be professional and thorough. His report to us was comprehensive and has provided us with a sound basis for addition of future partners. I would recommend him without reservation to others seeking practice valuation with a rational basis."


"Your advice has been extremely valuable."

Gil Smolin MD

"With the state of affairs that medicine is in, I accepted a position where I will be faculty at a Family Practice Residency, and I am thrilled. I am at such peace with closing my practice and how it all went down with integrity and dignity. I appreciate all the input you gave me as well. I so admire you for the career you have chosen!"


"Thanks for providing the appraisal in a timely manner!!!"

Amelia Kaymen MD, Presidio Dermatology

"Thank you very much for your assistance. You may use me a a reference anytime!"

Walter Sonntag MD

"Keith did a great job in assisting me in acquiring a San Jose dermatology practice. You may use me a a reference anytime!"

George Hsieh MD

"Thank you very much for your help! You are a highly professional specialist, and it is a pleasure to work with you. I'd definitely recommend your service to anyone who might need it."

Faina Gutin MD
, Allergist

"Thank you SOOO much for all your help on my purchase!"

JC, D.O.

"I want to thank you for all your assistance. Had I not used your services, I may have made a major mistake in purchasing a practice. You have always been easily accessible, courteous, "

Basim Abdelkarim MD

"Thank you very much for your excellent educational information and appraisal."

, cardiologist

"Thank you so much Keith. As always, you have been very helpful."

, dermatologist

"I can highly recommend Keith Borglum of Professional Management and Marketing. Informal discussions with a two-man ophthalmology group in my community led us to consider a merger. With Mr. Borglum's encouragement, we entered serious negotiations. There were many items to consider. As issues arose, Keith was always readily available to provide a range of reasonable options and specific suggestions to create a win-win solution. He pointed out areas of concern to him, and provided succinct, no-nonsense replies to my questions. Keith also clearly indicated if he thought something was outside of his area of expertise, for example, when I should consult my accountant regarding the tax implications of a sale and compensation formulas. Mr. Borglum's billing practices were fair and well documented.

I am now 16 months into what is proving to be a very successful merger, meeting our expectations with no real surprises. I feel indebted to Keith for helping us to create a framework and final documents that have proven to be well tailored to our needs."

Lee Shahinian, Jr., M.D

"Your thoroughness and professionalism from the purchase of the practice to the start-up information you provided have made the transition from employee to owner less onerous than anticipated. I would highly recommend you."

Kevin May, M.D.

"It is our pleasure to give a strong recommendation for Keith Borglum of PMM. This past year Keith's indepth practice analysis was invaluable to us when bringing a new physician on board to our busy and growing practice. From practice valuation to the final management services agreement, Keith's expertise in medical practice served to give us clear and accurate assessment of the details and management of the new arrangement."

J. Timothy Murphy, M.D.

"It was my pleasure to work with Keith Borglum of PMM on the appraisal of my father's practice. My father passed away and my family felt that we needed to vlaue to the practice immediately. Keith was very professional and organized, as well as sympathetic to our situation. He also gave me invaluable advice, and called and checked-up to make sure everything was to my satisfaction."

Kelli Cox, for the estate of Frederick Cox, M.D.

"I have been very pleased with Mr. Borglum's work in appraisal of my physical therapy practice. His appraisal report was detailed, thorough, and easy to follow. Following the appraisal. Mr. Borglum has been readily available to answer questions and offer suggestions. I encourage other practice owners who need assistance in selling their practice to consult with PMM early on in the process."

Joan Gregg RPT (retired)

"I've been very pleased with the services provided. I found them to be extremely professional. Their method helped me immensely. I will continue to use their expertise in the future."

Richard M. Auld, M.D.

"I am grateful for your help...during the time that we were setting up our merger. As we follow your guidelines...I feel that we have a solid method for evaluating the stability of our business."

Mary Berg, M.D.

"I would recommend them without reservation."

Jeffrey Sugarman MD, dermatologist, past president SC Medical Association

"Without reservation we offer our recommendation for the services of PMM and its able staff"

Joseph Mayo MD

"PMM's evaluation has been the most beneficial, professional, and most clearly presented of all the different consultants we have worked with."

Sheryl Long MD

"Thanks so much Keith. We appreciate all your good advice on valuing and selling our practice!"


"Thank you so much Keith. I really appreciate this, and that you took the time yesterday to speak with my husband and I."


"I believe that these services have been of genuine helpfulness in these changing times of medical economics and practice patterns and I would recommend his services."

Joseph G. Clendenin, M.D. (retired)

"This letter is written to express my sincere gratitude. I am continually reminded that the greatest single event that led to the successful development of this practice was my meeting with the office manager who suggested that I would benefit from your services. I have recommended your services to many of my colleagues."

Patrick Coonan, M.D. (retired)

"...counseling and expertise have helped greatly. I have renewed my enthusiasm for private practice. Our internal medicine group is functioning well. This could not have been accomplished without his assistance."

William R. DeWolf, M.D.

"I was always impressed with your organization and your ability to keep a focus on the primary issues of importance. The efficiency and friendliness of your office staff has been most impressive and I have found you to be exceedingly accessible and available. Your expert input has been deeply appreciated."

Joel S. Erickson, M.D.

"This investment -which at first I was doubtful about- has in fact paid off quite well and would not hesitate to recommend PMM services to another professional in the medical field."

Robert A. Harf, M.D.

"Thanks a million for your advice!"

N Firooz MD

"Thank you Keith.  You have been so very helpful. "

P Steffen -Sanchez MS OTR/L

"The primary benefit I experienced was the ready availability of information, answers to my questions and knowledge and experience in regards to the anticipated results of any action or approach to change. They helped insure that the changes actually took place and produced results. I am pleased with the results."

Horace B. Newhard, M.D. (retired)

"Thanks and appreciation for the fine efforts. I wholeheartedly recommend your services to professional colleagues."

David J. Quenelle, M.D.

"...was helpful facilitating improvements in my practice and in our group formation."

Wade W. Sherwood, M.D.
A.I.M. Medical Group (retired)

"I found Professional Management & Marketing to be of immeasurable help in tackling the numerous facets involved private practice."

Jeff Broffman, M.D.

"Mr. Borglum is a friendly, accessible, knowledgeable and indispensable part of my start-up practice. By far, this has turned out to be the best investment I have made in my practice."

Robert Fliegler MD, VIP Medical Access
Carson City Nevada

"The thoroughness of the plans and strategies developed by Keith left nothing uncovered; In fact, I have not seen the quality of services provided by PMM equaled by any other consulting firm. I highly recommend Keith and PMM to any physician or hospital."

Robert W. Thorn, St. Rose Hospital (retired)

"First, Keith I want to thank you for your help and contributions to our (2005-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-17) Business Reference Guides (the leading annual reference books on valuation guidelines for business brokers). We always find it gratifying that people like yourself are willing to take the time to give back to our profession. We realize that you do receive telephone calls from our readers asking for additional information. We have heard nothing but praise from our readers about their "calls for help". We also know that some of these people may be from outside professions such as business appraisers, CPAs and lawyers. While they may be outside our profession technically, your help does reflect on our profession and makes them aware that business intermediaries are indeed quite knowledgeable. The entire business brokerage profession owes you a debt of gratitude for not only contributing to this year’s Reference Guide, but for those telephone calls."

Ron West, publisher of the Business Brokerage Press

"Your book Medical Practice Appraisal Valuation Workbook is a terrific piece of work! Its now in the HCC library."

Robert James Cimasi, MHA, ASA, CBA, AVA, FCNI, CM&AA, CMP, President of Health Capital Consultants
and author of the leading text in the field Healthcare Valuation Volumes 1&2

"You da Man!"

Reed Tinsley CPA, CVA, CFP, CHBC (co-panelist National Society of Certified Healthcare Business Consultants education conference topic Valuations and Hospital Integration ) and author of the outstanding book Valuation of a Medical Practice, Past-President of the National Society of Certified Healthcare Business Consultants

"Thank you for contributing the chapter to my new 2017 book The Three Stages of a Physician's Career. It is just excellent and so well done."

Neil Baum MD, Author for Greenbranch Publishing

"Your talk was the best at the conference, and on point! You addressed the big issues. Sometimes a person is so right-on people don't know how to react." (for the Medical Economics Magazine Roundtable at the National Society of Certified Healthcare Business Consultants educational conference)

Tom Helling MBA, CPA, MCBA, President of Presidents Solutions Inc, past Board Member of the Institute of Business Appraisers

"We greatly appreciate your participation and the time and effort you expend to participate in the national Goodwill Registry."

Mark Kropiewnicki JD LLM, The Health Care Group

"Thank you for the excellent article on benchmarking that you wrote for Medical Economics Magazine that we are running in our January issue. It is such an excellent piece, filled with excellent business information and actionable, well-explained advice. We also have appreciated all of the great advice and insights you've shared with our readers when we have interviewed you for articles in Medical Economics."

Tara Stultz, former Editor-in-Chief, Medical Economics Magazine

"Thank you for a great radio show today. With my very best regards."

Pino Bacinello, Past-Chairman of the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA), and host of "Entreprenurial Insights" radio show for Voice America; topic: Critical Issues to Enhance and Preserve the Value of Medical Practices

Many More References Are Available
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